Curriculum for MA Program

Assumed Background Coursework (6 hours); may be taken at The University of Memphis:

Audiology: Hearing Disorders/Evaluation (3); Habilitation/Rehabilitation (3)

Speech-Language Pathology Minimum Degree Requirements

Required courses are marked with *. All others are electives.

Basic Communication Processes (15 hours minimum)

*AUSP 7000 Speech Science
AUSP 7002 Seminar in Communication Sciences
*AUSP 7003 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism
*AUSP 7006 Language and Speech Development
*AUSP 7007 Communicative Interaction
AUSP 7008 Acoustic and Perceptual Phonetics
*AUSP 7010 Neurological Bases of Communication
AUSP 7011 Psycholinguistics
AUSP 7016 Socio-Cultural Bases of Communication

Speech Disorders (6 hours minimum)

AUSP 7201 Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Disorders
AUSP 7202 Motor Speech Disorders in Children
AUSP 7203 Voice Disorders
AUSP 7204 Disorders of Phonology and Articulation
AUSP 7205 Fluency Disorders
AUSP 7206 Neuromotor Speech Disorders in Adults
AUSP 7209 Dysphagia and Related Disorders
AUSP 7210 Seminar in Speech Pathology
AUSP 7212 Autism Spectrum Disorders and Related Disabilities
AUSP 7309 Speech Rehabilitation for Head/Neck Pathologies

Language Disorders (6 hours minimum)

AUSP 7300 Language Disorders in Children
AUSP 7302 Language Disorders in Adults I
AUSP 7303 Language Disorders in Adults II
AUSP 7304 Seminar in Language Disorders
AUSP 7305 Language Learning Disabilities

Clinical Practicum (14 hours minimum)

*AUSP 7200 Introduction to Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology
*AUSP 7208 Clinical Experience in Speech-Language Pathology

Other Required Courses (7 hours)

*AUSP 7500 Evaluating Research in Communication Disorders
*AUSP 7501 Phonetic Transcription
3 Credits of Research Experience (AUSP 7990, AUSP 7996, or AUSP 7991