ASL Placement and Credit


Students with a previous background in ASL can take a placement exam to determine in what course they should enroll. No credit is awarded on the basis of the placement exam; it is merely an indicator of what course would be most appropriate based on the student's results on the exam.


If a student places into AUSP 2010 or AUSP 2020 and subsequently takes the appropriate course and passes with a grade of C or better, the student may then request paperwork to apply for retroactive credit. The cost is $60 per course.

  • If the course taken is 2010, then the student can apply for up to six hours of retroactive credit (AUSP 1010 and AUSP 1020).
  • If the course taken is AUSP 2020, then the student can apply for up to nine hours of retroactive credit (AUSP 1010, AUSP 1020, AUSP 2010).


Students wishing to obtain permission for Credit by Examination should submit a request for approval.

For more information, please contact the Associate Dean in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders