Curriculum for MA Program

Degree Requirement: 60 hours minimum

Regular Offerings:

* Required courses

** Strongly recommended core of professional area courses: These courses are not formally required, but advisors will strongly recommend that students take these courses at the U of M unless they have had an equivalent undergraduate course.

Basic Communication Processes (12-15 hours minimum***)

  • AUSP 7000 Speech Science*
  • AUSP 7002 Seminar in Communication Sciences
  • AUSP 7003 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism*
  • AUSP 7005 Language Sample Analysis*
  • AUSP 7006 Language and Speech Development***
  • AUSP 7007 Communicative Interaction*
  • AUSP 7008 Acoustic and Perceptual Phonetics
  • AUSP 7010 Neurological Bases of Communication*
  • AUSP 7016 Socio-Cultural Bases of Communication
  • AUSP 7505 Introduction to Interprofessional Education & Practice

*** AUSP 7006 is required for all incoming students without CSD background. For incoming students with CSD background, course is waived for students with grade of B- or higher on equivalent undergraduate course who pass online assessment of key topics, but required for those with grade below B- on equivalent undergraduate course or who do not earn pass grade on online assessment.

Speech Disorders (6 hours minimum)

  • AUSP 7203 Voice Disorders**
  • AUSP 7204 Disorders of Phonology and Articulation**
  • AUSP 7205 Fluency Disorders**
  • AUSP 7206 Developmental and Acquired Motor Speech Disorders**
  • AUSP 7209 Dysphagia and Related Disorders**
  • AUSP 7210 Seminar in Speech Pathology
  • AUSP 7212 Autism Spectrum Disorders and Related Disabilities

Language Disorders (6 hours minimum)

  • AUSP 7300 Language Disorders in Children**
  • AUSP 7302 Language Disorders in Adults I**
  • AUSP 7304 Seminar in Language Disorders
  • AUSP 7305 Language Learning Disabilities**
  • AUSP 7308 Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Clinical Practicum (14 hours minimum)

  • AUSP 7200 Introduction to Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology*
  • AUSP 7208 Clinical Experience in Speech-Language Pathology*

Other Required Courses (8 hours)

  • AUSP 7500 Evaluating Research in Communication Disorders* (delivered in three 1-credit modules I, II, III)
  • AUSP 7501 Phonetic Transcription*
  • AUSP 7207 Clinical Instrumentation*
  • 3 Credits of Research Experience* (AUSP 7990, AUSP 7996, or AUSP 7991)

Assumed Audiology Coursework (6 hours)

Required audiology courses must be documented on transcript; equivalent undergraduate course with grade of B or better will count. Students with other backgrounds take these at the U of M.

  • AUSP 7106 Intro Survey of Audiology
  • AUSP 7113 Aural Rehabilitation

We also offer a Graduate Certificate in AAC

Typical Course Sequences