Minor in American Sign Language

The School of Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) offers a minor in American Sign Language (ASL). This program is for students in various disciplines across campus who are interested in learning and using ASL. The minor is intended to teach students the fundamentals of ASL as well as enrich students' knowledge of the Deaf and Deaf Culture.

Students interested in the minor do not need to clear it with the ASL instructors or the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders. Students should let their major advisors know. CSD does not have undergraduate advising staff at this time. If you need an undergraduate advisor, please call the Academic Counseling Center at 678.2062.  They will either be able to connect you with an advisor or provide academic advising to develop your schedule. For specific questions regarding ASL course content, prior coursework or prerequisites, please contact the school at 678.5800.

A minimum of 18 credit hours is required.

  • 9 credit hours of introductory and intermediate ASL (AUSP 1010, 1020, and 2010)
  • 9 hours at the upper division level (3000 and 4000 level)
Required Courses Semester offered

AUSP 1010 Introduction to American Sign Language I

F, S, U 2021

AUSP 1020 Introduction to American Sign Language II

F, S

AUSP 2010 Intermediate American Sign Language I

F, S, U 2020

Upper Division Courses (minimum of 3 courses required):  Semester offered

AUSP 2001 Intro to Communication Sciences and Disorders

U (2021)

AUSP 3020 Advanced Fingerspelling

S (2021)

AUSP 4205/6205 ASL for Speech-Language Pathologists, Audiologists, and Educators

S (2021)

AUSP 4206/6206 Deaf Culture and History

F, S (2020, 2021)

AUSP 4207/6207 Psychological, Sociological, and Educational Perspectives of Deafness

F, S (2020, 2021)

AUSP 4208 Interpreting American Sign Language


 AUSP 4209 Linguistics of American Sign Language


 AUSP 4106/6106 Introduction to Audiology

 U (2020, 2021)

Course descriptions can be found here

The following courses were listed under different course numbers in previous years.

Students should receive credit toward the minor regardless of which course number was used when they took the course.

  Current Course Number    Other Related Course Numbers    Course Title    Credits 

AUSP 1010

AUSP 4100; 4201

Introduction to ASL I


AUSP 1020

AUSP 4101; 4202

 Introduction to ASL II 


AUSP 2010

AUSP 4102; 4203

Intermediate ASL I


AUSP 2020

AUSP 4103; 4204

Intermediate ASL II