Non-CSD Coursework Required for the MA Degree

Basic Science Courses Necessary to Meet UofM Graduation, ASHA Certification, and State Licensure

Coursework in the area of Communication Sciences and Disorders is not required prior to admission to the MA graduate program, but the program requires non-CSD coursework to have been completed prior to graduation. If you have not met these requirements in your undergraduate program, you will be required to complete them during your graduate program. Depending on how many of these requirements have not been met, your graduate program may be extended. You may want to consider completing this coursework prior to your first semester of graduate school. You will find a listing of the basic science courses that are required to be on your transcript before you graduate with your MA degree. You need to have a grade of C or better in these courses.

There are 4 Basic Science Areas:

Biological Science

  • Biology, Neuroanatomy, Human A&P, Zoology, or Genetics
  • 3 credits required

Physical Science

  • Physics or Chemistry
  • 3 credits required

Social/Behavioral Sciences

  • Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, or Public Health
  • 6 credits required


  • A standalone course in Statistics is required. Research methodology coursework in Communication Sciences and Disorders may not be used to satisfy this requirement.
  • 3 credits required