Communication Sciences and Disorders (PhD):  Program Goals

  1. Demonstrate the breadth and depth of foundational communication science, including biological, etiological, theoretical, acoustic, physiological, cognitive and psychological bases of communication.
  2. Develop independent research skills through direct laboratory experiences that  encompass planning and conducting research projects in the speech, language, and/or hearing sciences.
  3. Acquire and apply advanced knowledge and understanding of the communication sciences related to research, teaching, and scholarship.
  4. Apply research techniques that support evidence-based clinical application.
  5. Effectively disseminate discipline-related knowledge in oral and written modalities with the larger research and professional community.
  6. Understand and accommodate cultural or linguistic differences related to communication development or to perceptions and attitudes toward communication disorders, differences, or intervention.
  7. Exhibit attributes and abilities characteristic of competent researchers, including accountability, integrity, adaptability, leadership, and professionalism.