PhD Admissions

The PhD program at the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders is designed to prepare students for academic-research careers in speech, language, or hearing sciences. The School offers a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences and Disorders with three areas of concentration: (1) Hearing Sciences and Disorders (2) Speech-Language Sciences and Disorders, or (3) Neuroscience. The program is highly individualized to the needs and background of the student and is developed in accordance with the student's research interests. Each student will form a planning committee upon entry into the program, and an individualized course of study will be designed to meet the student's educational and long-term goals. Mentoring is a critical component of each student's doctoral plan. Graduation requirements vary depending on the degrees the students have when entering the program. These requirements are listed in the graduate catalog.

Funding available

Full graduate assistantship funding (tuition +stipend) is available for the most meritorious applicants to pursue doctoral work. We encourage applications in all our areas of research.

Finding a Mentor

Having an excellent mentor is crucial to optimizing your doctoral program. In addition to your course work a significant amount of learning occurs in interaction within laboratory and research settings with your mentor. This one-on-one interaction is best when the mentor and student have a compatible personality and similar interests. To pick a mentor first look for someone with a similar interest by looking through the faculty profiles; then read their papers. Once you have found someone who looks compatible, call that person and discuss your interest in the Ph.D. program and working as a trainee in their lab. Finally, visit the program so you can get to know them and other faculty members as well as the general program facilities and environment. If you do not have a firm research goal, and many new students do not, talk to several individuals on the faculty and we can help you focus your interest areas.  Joint mentorship is possible if there is compatibility with multiple faculty.  Mentors are important as they will help guide your application through the system.

Interested in Applying?

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For additional information contact:

Jani Johnson, Ph.D.
(e-mail: jajhns10@memphis.edu, telephone: 901.678.5800)