AuD Program Specialization Tracks: Pediatrics or Adults

Audiology students at the University of Memphis have the opportunity to choose a Pediatric or Adult Audiology Specialization Track as they progress through the AuD program. Students who pursue a particular track of specialization can gain additional knowledge and experience specific to these populations. Students declare if they plan to pursue a specialization track by the end of the first year of study and should use the Audiology Specialization Track Advising Form to guide their course selections and clinical and research experiences.

Requirements:  Students must meet 4 of the 5 requirements listed below:

  1. Two population-focused elective courses
  2. At least one assigned clinical experience in the specialization area
  3. At least two individual or collaborative assignments for any class aimed toward gaining expertise with the chosen population
  4. An original research project relevant to the chosen population to be completed over four semesters
  5. Completion of a fourth-year externship at a site that provides at least 60% experiences with the chosen population) 

Please note that this in-house designated specialization is not equivalent to a Clinical Specialty Certification awarded by a professional certifying body nor is it required to practice in any area within the Audiology scope of practice.