American Sign Language as World Language

Starting Fall 2019, American Sign Language 2010 and 2020 are acceptable courses to satisfy the foreign language requirement of some bachelor's degrees. These courses are offered through the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

Unless a student has waived out of the introductory level (1000) courses, he or she will need to plan on four semesters of American Sign Language (ASL):

  • AUSP 1010: Introduction to ASL 1
  • AUSP 1020: Introduction to ASL 2
  • AUSP 2010: Intermediate ASL 1
  • AUSP 2020: Intermediate ASL 2

Students must earn a grade of C or better in a class to advance to the next level.

Students interested in waiving a 1000-level course in ASL should email the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies in the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders with a copy of the syllabus from a previous course.