Academic Advising Center – ACC – Wilder Tower 212, 678-2062 – advising for all new Arts and Sciences first-year students

Admissions – Wilder Tower 101 – (1) to begin the process for TCR (Transfer Credit Request) forms for students planning to take transfer courses elsewhere, (2) to be readmitted: Readmit Students, and (3) to correct an incorrectly loaded course on the transcript of a transfer student

Center for Athletic Academic Services – Wilder Tower 600 and 700, 678-2714 - provides academic services for student-athletes, Center for Athletic Academic Services

Counseling and Psychological Testing – Wilder Tower 214, 678-2068 - Counseling

Disability Resources Services – Brister 110, 678-2880 – provides resources for students with disabilities, www.memphis.edu/drs/

Educational Support Program (ESP) - www.memphis.edu/esp/

Financial Aid Office – Wilder 103, 678-4825 - to check on specific questions regarding amounts of aid or hours needed; students should check myMemphis for the deadlines to pay or if their aid has paid; or refer to charts sent in a separate e-mail

General Education –The courses that can be used for General Education requirements are listed in the catalog online.

  • For transfer work that might be used for General Education, advisors can use the Transfer Equivalency tables to see if a course is already approved: https://www.memphis.edu/admissions/transfer/equivalency_table.php
  • If the course has been approved as General Education but is not pulling into UMdegree, or if you are want to ask if a course can be used for General Education, enter a petition in UMdegree so that it can be considered.

Housing – 678-1641, www.memphis.edu/reslife/

Parking – 120 Zach Curlin Parking Garage, 678-2212, memphis.edu/parking/

Permits – Refer students to individual departments for permits, but most departments do not issue permits to overload class seats.

Pre-Professional Advising – Students meet with the advisor of their major to select courses, but should also meet with Cody Clinton, the Pre-Health and Rob Marczynski, the Pre-Law advisor, to ensure that they are on track for their chosen field, 678-5454 for appointments:

Registrar – Wilder Tower 003, 678-2810, information for students and faculty/staff regarding registration and related processes: Registrar

Scholarships – Wilder Tower 104, 678-3213, much information about scholarships, Hope, service hours, Scholarships

Tiger Pantry - University Center 359 – food and toiletries available for U of M students, employees, faculty, 9:00-3:00 Monday through Friday - Tiger Pantry Wishlist

Undecided Transfer Students – transfer students who have not selected a major are advised by the Academic Advising Center in Wilder Tower 212, 901-678-2062, or email acc@memphis.edu