Suggestions for Applicants


  1. Official transcripts must be received directly from your School's registrar office or an official transcript service. CSDCAS will not accept a transcript uploaded by an applicant OR by University of Memphis CSD staff for verification purposes.
  2. Do not send your transcripts directly to the University of Memphis. They should be sent directly to CSDCAS.
  3. Applicants who choose to use the CSDCAS transcript entry service should know that CSDCAS will not begin entering an applicant's grades until payment for transcript entry AND payment for the application have been received.
  4. It can take several weeks after you have requested a transcript from your University for it to reach CSDCAS and then another several weeks after that for the transcript to be verified by their staff. Do not wait until the last minute to order official transcripts.
  5. If you have not already received your bachelor's degree, the transcripts you submit must include your Fall 2018 grades. If you submit your application before your Fall 2018 grades are available, you will have to complete an Academic Update and submit a new set of transcripts to CSDCAS. Applications for students graduating in May 2019 will not be reviewed without Fall 2018 grades included.
  6. Transcript requests generated in CSDCAS must be printed out and mailed by the applicant to their University(ies).

GRE Scores

  1. Applications cannot be reviewed without official GRE scores. Please be certain that you use the code 1756 to submit GRE scores directly to CSDCAS. Otherwise, your official GRE scores will not be received and your application will not be reviewed.
  2. While GRE scores can be seen at the time an applicant completes the exam, they are not instantly available to CSDCAS. We strongly encourage applicants to take the GRE no later than 1 month in advance (Jan. 1, 2019) of the application deadline. Applicants who take the exam after early January run the very real risk of not having their official scores received in time for application review.
  3. If you are anxious about how you may perform on the GRE, give yourself enough time to take the exam more than once before mid-December/early January.
  4. If you are transferring a CSDCAS application from a previous application cycle, please check with CSDCAS to make sure that your GRE scores are transferred along with your other application materials.
  5. GRE scores cannot be received after the application review period has begun and the exam cannot be completed after a student is admitted to the program. Exceptions cannot be made for missed test dates due to inclement weather etc.
  6. If your scores have not posted after the normal processing period, contact ETS and determine the BATCH # your scores were sent in. Then contact CSDCAS customer service and provide them with this batch #. We will use this batch # to determine if this batch has been received yet by CSDCAS, and if so, search the batch for your scores. If your scores are not found, CSDCAS will contact ETS to determine why they were not provided to us in the batch # reported to you. It is your responsibility to follow up on any missing GRE scores in a timely manner.

Letters of Recommendation

  1. Applicants should approach their recommenders well in advance of submitting their applications. They should also give recommenders information about when their recommendations should be completed as well as relevant supporting materials (transcripts, resume, etc.).
  2. Please check to make certain that recommenders have submitted your letters well in advance of the Feb. 1 deadline. We cannot review an application with fewer than 3 completed recommendations.
  3. You should monitor your CSDCAS application to be sure that your recommendations have been posted for all 3 of your letter writers.
  4. For applicants who are not currently students, please remember that other individuals who can comment on things like your work ethic or ability to work effectively in stressful conditions can be valuable additions to an application. The faculty also value recommendations from practicing clinicians who can comment on a candidate's fit for the profession.