Wind Studies

The Wind Studies Area offers a Master of Music and a Doctor of Musical Arts in wind band and orchestral conducting. The program is designed to be small and highly selective. Enrollment is intentionally limited and auditions are competitive. Our objective is to develop technically capable, expressive conductors, prepared to succeed and be leaders in the professional and academic communities.

Assistantships and Scholarships

Graduate Assistantships are available for Master's and Doctoral students up to $8000. Graduate assistantships have teaching responsibilities and/or other responsibilities that are determined by the needs of the School. For Wind Conductors, duties are divided among the studio and include:

Teaching assistant for undergraduate instrumental conducting classes.Teaching assistant for Survey of Wind Literature courseAssist with all aspects of the Mighty Sound of the SouthWind Ensemble/Symphonic Band librarianPublic relations coordinatorProgram and program note publication coordinatorInstrument inventory and check-out supervisorHonor Band and workshop assistant coordinatorRecording daily ensemble rehearsalsRehearsal and performance set-up and strike

Conducting Assignments

Wind Conducting majors work with the ensemble conductors and choose repertoire to rehearse and perform with the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, or the Memphis Area Youth Wind Ensemble. Each student generally conducts on at least two concerts per semester

Audition Information

All potential students must apply and be accepted by both the Music School and by the University. Acceptance to the School of Music is contingent upon being accepted by the University. Seek enrollment in the University by contacting the University Graduate Office of Admissions at 901.678-3685.

Applicants for the wind conducting degrees must submit a videotape of rehearsal and performance along with the required admission forms as soon as possible. Applicants are required to submit a list of compositions studied for conducting during the past year. A small group of applicants will be invited for an in-person audition, including an interview. The committee will be looking for a demonstration of highly effective musical sensitivity communicated through an advanced gestural vocabulary. The ability of the applicant to communicate effectively with an ensemble during a rehearsal is also taken into consideration. Those invited will also take a written exam consisting of score identification and aural skills. In addition to the audition, it is necessary for all graduate students to take a proficiency exam in music history and music theory. These tests are given on the first two days of registration every semester. Contact the Graduate Music Office for specific dates and times.

Admission and Assistantship applications and other information about acceptance into the School of Music may be obtained by contacting:

Joyce Gordon
Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music
The University of Memphis
129 Music Building
Memphis, TN 38152-3160
Call 901.678.3532 or e-mail: mjgordon@memphis.edu

Return the Graduate school application to the University Graduate School Admissions office. Return the application for Graduate Assistantships in Music to the Music School Graduate Studies Office.

Requirements for admission

Requirements for admission into the graduate wind conducting program include:A Bachelor's Degree in Music from an accredited institutionA mastery of advanced conducting techniques gained through conducting experience beyond the undergraduate level.Submission of transcripts of all previous college workFamiliarity with a substantial percentage of quality wind music is an important factor in the selection process.

Applicants interested in the Master's Degree should be familiar with and able to conduct approximately 25% of the repertoire in both lists. Applicants interested in the Doctor of Musical Arts Degree should be familiar with and able to conduct at least 40% of the repertoire in both lists.

For more information on Wind Studies, contact Albert Nguyen, Director of Bands at tnguyen6@memphis.edu.