Faculty Guide

An internship is a cooperative educational arrangement between the student, the University of Memphis, and a community partner. Each year more than 5,000 UofM students are interning in schools, hospitals, businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies. Through internships, the community offers students the opportunity to:

  • Enhance professional development with first hand experience in the world of work
  • Build an effective resume that results in better job offers after graduation
  • Improve knowledge, skills, and abilities to meet career goals
  • Develop a network of professional contacts
  • Reinforce learning received in course work experience

Employers rate relevant work experience as the most important criteria during the job selection process. A high quality internship provides the key to a more meaningful education and a brighter future.

Looking for Reflection and Internship Summary Assignments? The portfolio is one approach to combining summary of a student's internship experience with career development. The portfolio can also be used later to share with employers during future interviews. If you'd like a copy for your use, please contact acadinterns@memphis.edu.

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