University Internship Guidelines

The University of Memphis values internships for students. This program has been developed to provide students with experiential learning opportunities as an extension of their classroom experience as well as preparation for their future career.

What is an Internship?

An internship is relevant work experience related to your major or career interests which may occur during the fall, spring or summer sessions. At the University of Memphis, internships may include traditional internships, cooperative education, practicum, clinical and student teaching experiences. Each semester more than 5,000 UofM students are interning in schools, hospitals, businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Successful completion of an internship enhances your academic studies and career preparation.

What are the Internship Criteria?

  • May be for academic credit or non-academic credit.
  • May be paid or unpaid.
  • Should be related to the student's major or career interest.
  • Credit for internships is subject to the approval of the academic unit. Internship courses typically have prerequisites associated with degree requirements.

 What are the Academic Requirements?

  • Students must be in good academic standing *
  • Students must be making satisfactory progress toward a degree.
  • Students whose academic departments have an internship program are encouraged to complete the departmental requirements as appropriate.
  • Students also have the opportunity to enroll in ELC 4000 Community Internship course for academic credit for internship experience.

*Students should be aware that individual employers or academic units may require a higher GPA than is necessary for good academic standing. Additionally, many employers require criminal background and consumer credit checks and drug tests. Students who have concerns about these employer requirements should speak with a Career Services staff member or academic advisor prior to beginning the internship search process.

What are the General Preparations for an Internship Search?

Students should prepare for an internship by visiting Career Services. Students can schedule appointments with Career Advisors for assistance in developing resumes, completing career assessments, and developing interview skills. Online support for resume development and interview skills are also available through Career Services.

When Should I Complete an Internship?

Students typically participate in internships during their sophomore, junior or senior year. Depending on their academic programs and other circumstances, a few freshmen may participate in internships.

How Do I Obtain Information Regarding Internships?

Students may also learn of internships independently in the community. If you research and learn of an opportunity for an academic internship, consult with your advisor or the Academic Internship office for possible academic credit.

Plan early for your internship—consult with the resources listed above to help you achieve an internship that's right for you.