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The University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law is proud to share that several of our specialty programs have been prominently ranked and recognized in the latest 2020 U.S. News & World Report (USNWR) rankings. These specialty programs include Legal Writing, Health Care Law, and our Clinical Training Program.


The Memphis Law Legal Writing Program has been ranked #29 in the latest 2020 U.S. News & World Report rankings. This is due to the hard work of our Legal Methods program director, dedicated full-time Legal Methods faculty members, and the Writing Center director.

Professor Jodi Wilson, Director of Legal Methods and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, has overseen Memphis Law's Legal Methods program for the past ten years, building on the foundation laid by her predecessor, Professor David Romantz. Working alongside Professor Wilson, our full-time Legal Methods faculty members, professors Regina Lambert Hillman, Carrie Eaker Kerley, and Mary Morris, and our dedicated Writing Center Director, Dr. Marilyn Dunham Smith, have transformed this innovative program.

The law school recently made a substantial change in the way its Legal Methods program is taught and administered, with a shift from adjunct professors to full-time, dedicated legal writing faculty overseeing the legal research, writing, and analysis training provided to first-year students. This "sea-change" in the way the Legal Methods program is executed allows the school to devote more time, study, and attention to the foundational skills so vital to immediate success in today's job market.

Professor Wilson also currently serves as the President of the Association of Legal Writing Directors (ALWD), allowing her to bring national-level leadership and ideas to our program at Memphis Law.


Our Health Law program, led by Professor Amy Campbell (Director of the Institute for Health Law & Policy), continues to gain in both local and national awareness and reputation, as evidenced by this new ranking. Our partnerships with nationally-recognized institutions like Le Bonheur Children's Hospital and the Green and Healthy Homes Initiative, as well as grant-funded work through organizations like the Kresge Foundation and others, have allowed us to build this nationally-recognized Health Law program.

The program also houses a Health Law & Policy Lab, which fosters students' policy-based service work through interdisciplinary, community-focused engagement.

Our Health Law program also consists of Katy Ramsey, Director of the Medical-Legal Partnership Clinic and Assistant Professor; Brigid Welsh, our Institute for Health Law & Policy Fellow; and Jamie Johnson, Program Coordinator for the Memphis CHiLD partnership that the law school has with Le Bonheur and Memphis Area Legal Services. 


We are also proud to see the strategic investment in our Clinical Training program bear fruit, with the recognition of the growth and expertise in our experiential learning initiatives, including the Medical-Legal Partnership, the Elder Law Clinic, the Housing Adjudication Clinic, the Mediation Clinic, and the Neighborhood Preservation Clinic. Additionally, Director of Experiential Learning and Professor Danny Schaffzin currently serves as co-president of the Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA), where he helps to lead the nation's largest association of law professors in its advocacy for clinical legal education as fundamental to the training of lawyers.

Experienced faculty and staff members working with each clinic are a vital part of the success of our Clinical Training program and include:

  • Steve Barlow, co-director of the Neighborhood Preservation Clinic and Adjunct Professor of Law.
  • Donna Harkness, Director of the Elder Law Clinic; CELA, Professor of Law.
  • Jamie Johnson, Program Coordinator for Memphis CHiLD Medical-Legal Partnership.
  • Sandy Love, Administrative Secretary in the Legal Clinic.
  • Katy Ramsey, Director of the Medical-Legal Partnership Clinic; Assistant Professor of Law.
  • David Romantz, Director of the Housing Adjudication Clinic; Associate Professor of Law.
  • Stephen Shields, Adjunct Professor of Law for the Mediation Clinic.
  • Danny Schaffzin, co-director of the Neighborhood Preservation Clinic, Director of Experiential Learning and Associate Professor of Law.
  • Brittany Williams, Neighborhood Preservation Clinic Staff Attorney.
  • Brittany Wright, Neighborhood Preservation Clinic Legal Assistant.