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Access Control System

The Access Control System is designed for requesting access to rooms/buildings only, maintaining accurate key inventory, looking up requests, and providing Financial Managers information on access granted to individuals within their assigned orgs. https://umwa.memphis.edu/eaccess



Argos is a user-friendly tool that works by filling reporting requests through simple ad hoc queries to advanced dashboards. These advanced dashboards display interactive charts and data cubes, graphically illustrating insights at a glance.



AskTom is a part of the TOPdesk system. AskTom is a searchable database of questions about all aspects of the University of Memphis readily available to faculty, staff and students at the UofM.  


Banner ERP 

Banner is the primary system of record for the University of Memphis. Banner can be accessed via links in the myMemphis portal. Banner applications include: Student, Financial Aid, Finance, Human Resources and Banner Workflow. 



Blackboard is the provider of our Campus Identification Card system. Campus identification cards are issued by the University & Student Business Services office to faculty/staff/students/guests.



BusinessHub is a resource for your copier machine. For information go to https://bf.memphis.edu/bizhub/.


Campus Card Online

The University of Memphis issues each student, faculty, and staff member an identification card. This card bears their name and image and is referred to as your Campus Card. This permanent identification card is used as the primary campus-wide method of determining privileges and accesses. Students must be currently enrolled and produce photo identification (such as driver's license/passport) to have a Campus Card made. For more information go to https://www.memphis.edu/campuscard/.


campusM (University mobile app)

The campusM mobile app accommodates all phones. campusM mobile app provides GPS, map locations, and the ability to check grades. Additionally, students can access information about the Blue Line, read about upcoming events, and stream WUMR (the student radio station). The app also comes with a mobile graduation tracker. The tracker sends alerts with information about how close the student is to graduating.



Canvas is the learning management system utilized at the University of Memphis. The system can be used for creating, hosting, and editing online learning resources.  Note: Access to this service may be limited in compliance with sanctions announced by the Office of Foreign Assets Control.


CEHHS Database

Database used by the College of Education to get quick reports based on their students.


Chrome River

Chrome River is the expense management software the University of Memphis uses for travel/reimbursement.


CRM Advance

CRM Advance is the system of record for the Office of Development.


Data Warehouse

The University's Data Warehouse is a database designed for analytical and information processing. The warehouse is a read-only collection of data intended to answer business questions. Data structures are de-normalized to make query building easier. It has detail data, summary data, snapshot data, history data, raw data, metadata and archive data - Argos and Power BI. 


DegreeWorks (umDegree)

umDegree is a web-based tool to help students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion. 


Door Access Systems

Door Access System is the tool the University of Memphis uses to control access to campus facilities, buildings, and rooms.



The University's eContract application allows users to electronically process contracts for Graduate Assistants/Graduate Tuition Scholarships, Extra Compensation, Faculty Summer Compensation, Part-Time Faculty, Sponsored Internships, Student Appointments, and Temporary Employee Appointments. Use this application to create and manage electronic contracts.


ETD (Electronic Thesis and Dissertation) Web App

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation is a web application that allows Thesis and Dissertation documents to be submitted and reviewed electronically.



The University of Memphis wants to make sure you know about emergencies and incidents as they happen. UofM Alert powered by Everbridge is used to make sure you know about issues that may affect your safety. This system allows the UofM to contact thousands of campus community members in seconds so you can find out about an emergency right away. 


Faculty Evaluations

The Faculty Evaluation System allows faculty, chairs and deans access current evaluations, view historical evaluations created in this application, and electronically submit completed evaluations. The web application is available on WorkforUM at https://myuofm.memphis.edu/ (click on the Employee tab/ on the WorkforUM channel click Faculty Evaluations).


Faculty Grade Change Application

The Faculty Grade Change Application allows electronic submission of grade change requests, electronic approval of requests, and automated Banner entry for the majority of grade changes made outside of the normal semester end grading periods.



Evisions FormFusion application is responsible for formatted printing of various forms. Examples of these forms are student transcripts, student enrollment verification, W2 Tax Forms, etc.


Graduate School Candidacy Forms

Forms used by the Graduate School to gather data from students who are ready to graduate from the school.



TigerLink is now powered by Handshake! Handshake is a modern career management platform for students, UofM alumni and a robust college recruiting platform for employers.

Identity Finder

Identity Finder is a tool used to verify that the University of Memphis is compliant with PCI regulations.



Evisions Intellecheck application is responsible for payroll, Accounts Payable, and Foundation check printing and direct deposit payroll advice creation/emailing.


Kayako Fusion Ticketing System

Shared Service Center ticketing system ssc.memphis.edu/prod


Learning Curve

Learning Curve provides faculty and staff training opportunities. Login at Learning Curve.


LogMeIn Rescue

LogMeIn Rescue is a tool used by internal ITS and can be requested by a Faculty or Staff member. There are license limitations for LogMeIn Rescue; UofM has 25 concurrent licenses.



Interface between the Library system and the Banner accounts receivables module.



Marketplace is a service that provides shopping cart functionality for fees, services, and merchandise outside tuition.



MatLab is a programming platform designed specifically for engineers and scientists. The language, apps, and built-in math functions enable you to quickly explore multiple approaches to arrive at a solution. MatLab lets you take your ideas from research to production by deploying to enterprise applications and embedded devices.



Mediasite is an audio, video, and content capture tool. This allows faculty, trainers, and staff to create and share training modules, lectures, and assignments. These features work both on and off campus among peers and the University community. Mediasite offers a friendly launch pad for users to record, upload, manage, and publish their own video content using Mediasite.

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a simple app that lets you easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls. It can be used to create quizzes, collect feedback, or plan activities. Microsoft Forms authors can toggle their settings to allow users inside or outside of their organization to respond to their survey or quiz. Microsoft Forms is optimized for all the latest versions of Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Chrome on Android, and Safari on iOS. 


Microsoft Office

The UofM provides All faculty , staff and students a free copy of Microsoft Office Suite. To download a copy go to memphis.edu/getoffice


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is available to all faculty, staff and students. Microsoft Teams is the hub for group collaboration in Microsoft 365 that integrates people, content, and applications. Teams brings simplicity to teamwork by joining collaboration, sharing, and communication all under one platform. See our page about Microsoft Teams for more information



Each member of the University community can use myMemphis to access customized and personalized online services and information. Support is available for myMemphis portal role assignments and content update requests. View myMemphis Portal documentation.


NSO (New Student Orientation Registration app)

The New Student Orientation Registration application is available for first time admitted students to register for an orientation session. 


Nuventive Improve (formerly known as TracDat)

Software used by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness,Accreditation, and Academic Assessment to track the University of Memphis’ program assessment. Formerly known as TracDat, this software provides a flexible framework to help academic and administrative units organize, align, document, report, and take effective actions for improvement. The system supports efforts in data-informed strategic planning, program review, accreditation, and managing academic and administrative outcomes. https://tracdat.memphis.edu/tracdat/faces/login.xhtml


Nursing Application

Application for students who wish to enroll in the undergraduate (BSN) or graduate (MSN) nursing program.


Omni CMS (formerely known as OU Campus)

OU Campus is a Content Management System for creating and displaying web content within the context of the UofM web framework.


OnBase (Matrix)

OnBase (formerly known as Matrix) is the official document management system used by the university. It allows the scanning, storage, and retrieval of paper and electronic documents as well as reports from other systems. See our OnBase User and LSP Resources page on umWiki for additional information.


PFI (Physical Facilities Inventory)

The PFI (Physical facilities inventory system) is used by Space Planning to create data to be sent to TBR for the analysis of current and future space needs for the University.  


Power BI

Power BI is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your unrelated sources of data into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive insights.



Prism is a compensation tracking application used by Human Resources.


Reporting/Business Intelligence Software

Reporting Tools enables you to access a full range of reporting and analysis tools. These tools include interactive dashboards, ad hoc queries, financial reports, and search.



ResNet lets you connect your computer/electronic devices directly to UofM's network and—through the University network—to the Internet. For more information go to https://www.memphis.edu/resnet/.


Royall (third party vendor student application interface)

Royall (for Admissions) is the hosted solution we use for undergraduate applications. 


Secure File Transfer (Kiteworks)

Kiteworks (Accellion) is an application used to upload secure documents to departments on campus both from internal and external users. Departments can create forms to collect data and request documents to be uploaded. Departments can request access by submitting a Helpdesk ticket. http://securefile.memphis.edu/


SETE/Teacher Evaluation

Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness (SETE) provides an opportunity for students to evaluate all of their courses and instructors.  https://www.memphis.edu/sete/



Siteimprove is a web site accessibility and quality monitoring resource used to gauge the overall health, equity, and wellness of the University of Memphis web site.


Slate (third party vendor student application interface)

Slate (for Admissions) is the hosted solution we use for undergraduate applications.  



Softdocs Etrieve suite of products is UofM’s electronic forms, workflow and signature solution. With Etrieve Forms, users can take paper-based forms and build sophisticated, interactive electronic forms that are easily completed online. Route your electronic forms through a pre-determined, automated workflow with Etrieve Flow, and users can review, approve, deny, comment or re-route forms based on need. Softdocs Etrieve is a cloud-based application that allows users to send and sign securely and automate both basic and complex routing workflows.


Staff Assessment Management System (formerly known as Employee Performance Appraisal)

The Staff Assessment Management System allows supervisors and employees to create and access current appraisals, view historical appraisals created in this application, and electronically submit completed appraisals to Human Resources. The web application is available for supervisors and employees at https://umwa.memphis.edu/performance/


Studio Abroad

Studio Abroad is a hosted web site that allows University of Memphis students to register for Study Abroad courses.


Student Immunization Support Documents

Tennessee requires state public institutions of higher education to verify that students have received mandated immunizations and health requirements. You may upload immunization documentation. For more information visit https://www.memphis.edu/health/immunization


T2 Parking Interface

This is the Interface between the T2 third party Parking server and Banner Accounts receivables.


Technology Resource Locator(TRL)

TRL is used by LSPs as well as faculty and staff to find rooms available with particular equipment.  LSPs are tasked with maintaining supplies. https://umwa.memphis.edu/trlsearch



Tigerbuy is the University of Memphis online marketplace, a SciQuest product.



TigerXpress/Touchnet is a cashiering and bill payment suite where students can access their UofM accounts and pay balances.


Tiger Zone

Tiger Zone is an event/organization management system that can be used by students, faculty and staff.  The owner of this service is Office of Student Leadership and Involvement.



TOPdesk is the University of Memphis help desk ticketing system for incident reporting and service requests. More information about TOPdesk can be found here.



UC4 is a tool used to schedule SQL jobs, SHL scripts, and Banner Admin Page(s) jobs. It is also used by some functional users to request a script written by IT or to request a chain of Banner Admin Page(s) jobs.



umApps provides easy, web-based access to a variety of specialized applications such as SPSS, Mathematica, Microsoft Word, and many more. University students and faculty can access the software from any PC or Mac, on and off campus. Easily attach umApps to OneDrive. See our page for installation instructions and documentation. When logging into umApps you will now use SSO (Single Sign On) as well as authenticate with DUO. NOTE: When using some products you will be asked to sign in using your UofM email and credentials. 



The current Confluence service will be replaced with BookStack. BookStack is an open-source wiki alternative to Confluence. 


UniCAS (third party vendor graduate student application interface)

The hosted solution UofM uses for graduate student applications.


UofM Calendar

Here is a link to the All Events Calendar.

Veterans Affairs Deferment Certification

A VA Deferment is a request to defer payment of Tuition and fees until the end of the term. You make a request for VA Deferment letter through the Veterans Educational Benefits & Certification Office (003 Wilder Tower). This will be done after you register for classes and complete a Veterans Request for Certification form.


Virtual EMS

Academic and administrative departments, and registered student organizations may reserve facilities/spaces On-Campus by using VEMS.  Faculty/Staff may make their request one year (365 days) in advance (approvals may not be given until 5 months out from event date). RSOs may make their request six (6) months in advance.  More information is available.



The Windstar application is used to report and track taxation of International employees and international students who are employees. The data it provides is used to create the IRS 1042 form.


WorkForce by Kronos Timekeeper

WorkForce by Kronos Timekeeper application keeps track employee work hours. The application interfaces with time clocks (data terminals) and desktops (via the Web) throughout the campus.



WorkForum is the employee hiring process management tool. 



Simplified video conferencing and messaging across any device. Zoom Meeting syncs with your calendar system and delivers streamlined enterprise-grade video conferencing from your desktop and mobile device. Enable quick adoption with meeting capabilities that make it easy to start, join, and collaborate across any device. See our Zoom Page for more information.