Graduate Faculty Members

Before undertaking ANY work on a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation, a faculty committee must be formed, and the Graduate School should be notified of said committee (minimum of three members for a master's thesis committee; minimum of four members for a doctoral dissertation committee). It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all members of their committee are current members of the graduate faculty. Students must not defend their document until all committee members have U of M graduate faculty status, even if a committee member is not affiliated with this university. Click on the links below to find departmental listings of current graduate faculty members within each college or school.


The University maintains distinct levels of graduate faculty: full, associate, affiliate, adjunct, and teaching adjunct.

  • Full or associate graduate faculty may chair master's committees.
  • Only Full graduate faculty members may chair doctoral committees.
  • Associate members may direct theses in an academic department other than their own at the discretion of the graduate coordinator and/or the chair of that department.
  • Affiliate or adjunct graduate faculty may be members of doctoral and master's committees in their areas of expertise, but may not chair them.
  • No more than one adjunct or affiliate graduate faculty member may serve as a voting member of a student's committee.
  • Teaching adjuncts members may not serve on graduate faculty committees.
  • An emeritus faculty member continues to serve as a dissertation chairman under the condition that the supervised dissertation has passed a proposal defense before the emeritus faculty member retires.

If the chair of a student's committee leaves the University of Memphis, that person can no longer serve as chair and must be replaced by another graduate faculty member.


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