Project Teams

What is a Process Improvement Team?

Specific team that is created to address a process improvement initiative. Led by a team lead and comprised of subject matter experts (SMEs) who have experience and knowledge of the process as well as an understanding of the problems(s) involved. Have sound analytical skills and a desire to improve the process and work together to accomplish the team's goals and objective. Draws on expertise and assets of the Project Management Group (PMG) regarding process improvement methods and experiences.

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Projects Status: Active, Future and Completed

Active Projects: (with start dates)

 Future/Planned Projects:

  • Banner Leave - analyze feasibility to  'Request to Take Leave' using Banner Leave Reporting module and tying usage to Pay/Payroll Processing
  • Faculty International Travel
  • FERPA Compliance
  • FLAC (Faculty Load and Compensation) Banner module
  • Full Time Staff Appointments eContracts/EPAFS w/Shared Services
  • Late/Add Registration
  • Late/Retroactive Withdrawal Procedures
  • Learning Curve (Training Registration site) Updates (September 2017)
  • Nine & Twelve Month Faculty Re-appointments -eContracts/EPAFs w/Shared Services
  • Outside Scholarships Process - DocuSign
  • Research Study Participants Payment Procedures
  • Security Request for Banner & Third Party Access (September 2017)
  • Student Request for Term Delete - DocuSign 
  • Summer Purge Process 
  • Student Worker Appointments - eContracts/EPAFs w/Shared Services (September 2017)
  • Temporary Staff Appointments - eContracts/EPAFS w/Shared Services
  • Travel Electronic Process - DocuSign
  • W4 - Direct Deposit update w/Banner SSB 

Completed Projects: (sorted by completion date)

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